11 Common Tourist Scams To Avoid In Vietnam

11 Common Tourist Scams To Avoid In Vietnam


Vietnam’s weather patterns differ greatly between the north and south. Depending on where you’re planning to spend most of your time, be sure to’re prepared for the climate. Heavy rains might happen sometimes in the summertime, nonetheless, it is not constant and doesn't have an effect on your journey. Autumn and Spring are two finest seasons to go to Hanoi when the weather is pleasant with milder temperatures. I'm Sherry, a corporate dice dweller turned nomadic traveler.In Southern Vietnam, folks all the time have to stay with flood and in Sai Gon particularly inundating state of affairs happens incessantly. It appears that you've a long keep in Vietnam to give these deep insights. Rainy season in Vietnam is excessive time with heavy showers and thunder storms. You would cry if if water blocks all the roads and you can solely stay in your room to look out.

What do you call a room with only a toilet?

In real estate terms a room with JUST a toilet is known as a quarter bath. As opposed to a room with a toilet and a sink which is a half bath. The tub/shower with

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