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Laws OF MAGNETIC Development.

FIRST Law: Discovery of endowment. The bounds of magnetic endowment latent in each regular particular person emerge solely by means of extended effort within the tradition of magnetism.

SECOND Law: Difficult surroundings. Magnetism develops in direct proportion to the issue of atmosphere.

THIRD Law: Magnetic intention. Magnetism evolves solely by means of multiplication of endowment into atmosphere by the persistent magnetic intention.

FOURTH Law: Free adjustment. The tradition of magnetism imperatively calls for that central adjustment of the self to all powers which realizes in absolute psychic freedom.

FIFTH Law: Concentration. The magnetic multiplication of endowment into setting is barely potential to intense, persistent and unified focus to the strategies of Success-Magnetism.

SIXTH Law: Purpose-ideals. Growth of noblest magnetism relies upon, within the bigger sense, upon common adherence to a single, preeminent, supreme life-objective, and, in the actual sense, upon specialization of the person in studied magnetic conduct associated to that finish.

SEVENTH Law: Receptivity. The best magnetism realizes by magnetic legal guidelines in proportion because the interior self maintains alert receptivity to the Universal Forces.

EIGHTH Law: Demand. The silent, persistent demand of the self upon the Universal Magnetism makes it a middle towards which the Forces naturally gravitate.

NINTH Law: Affirmation. Continuous, intense affirmation of precise possessed magnetic energy stimulates the success-parts, maintains receptivity, emphasizes demand, harmonizes and intensifies interior etheric vibrations, and induces a optimistic motion of the common ether and its forces inward towards the central self.

TENTH Law: Psychic power. All private magnetism entails psychic power developed and directed by magnetic intention.

ELEVENTH Law: Self-management. Magnetic vitality concentrates by way of psychic management of its tendencies.
TWELFTH Law: Magnetic high quality. The interior psychic angle the character of magnetic intention determines the standard and effectiveness of the hassle to multiply endowment into atmosphere, and, due to this fact, the type and diploma of magnetism attained.

THIRTEENTH Law: Self-valuation. Other issues being equal, magnetism unfolds as gratifying, however unostentatious, self- valuation develops.

FOURTEENTH Law: Use of self. Under Link 99Bandar conformity to different magnetic legal guidelines, the very best magnetism points solely from the fixed finest use of self at its greatest to the very best benefit.

FIFTEENTH Law: Magnetic heroism. Self-pity, complaint, and all kindred states, confuse, weaken and waste each number of magnetic energy, whereas heroic acceptance of circumstances for his or her betterment, and courageous assertion of self as grasp, conserve and enormously develop the noblest magnetism in proportion to the sway of the magnetic intention.

SIXTEENTH Law: Action and response. Highest magnetism entails not solely studied cultivation, however, as properly, the magnetic utilization of stimulating reactions induced by clever employment.

SEVENTEENTH Law: Recovery. Whoever, once in a while of any psychic (magnetic) failure or defeat, dedicates the entire of aroused desperation to restoration of floor, infallibly induces a stress within the etheric life round him which in the end attracts to his support, with the onsweep of worlds, the Universal Forces.

EIGHTEENTH Law: Reproduction. "Everything is transmitted, every part is reworked, all the things is reproduced" (Ochorowicz); in bodily and psychic well being alone, subsequently, are the Universal Forces transmitted by good etheric vibrations, remodeled by means of efficient etheric conduction, and reproduced in magnetism by ample and harmonious psychic management of etheric capabilities.

NINETEENTH Law: Superiority of tradition. The crude values of pure magnetism, the computerized features of unconscious magnetism, display at their finest solely as they climax in full acutely aware magnetic tradition.

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